Centennial Wireless Firework Photos

I had a place staked out in the downtown area to shoot tonight’s fireworks show.  When I arrived at the location, however, it seems I’d been preempted by screaming kids and overly-intoxicated parents.  I decided to opt for my apartment, which is on the 7th floor facing North.  I would have gone to our rooftop, however, experience has shown me that the conditions wouldn’t be any better than those I encountered at the first location.  If you’ve never had the opportunity to see the outlying area from an upper floor on the 4th of July, you’re missing a wonderful show.  Everywhere you look, you’re able to view fireworks of every type and color.  So anyway, here’s a selection of a few of the photos.  I might also add, that once again, tonight turned out to be a learning experience for me.  Every time I shoot fireworks, no pun intended, I learn something else about the camera.  Enjoy the photos – a link to the full set follows.

Full photo set

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