Reverse Osmosis Water Available at River City

I’m stealing his title, because I’m too tired to think of any other way to say it.  River City now has Reverse Osmosis filtered water available for $.25 per gallon.  Quite a bit cheaper than the grocery stores and looks like a more neat way to fill up. 

photo courtesy of the Beach Volleyball in Fort Wayne Blog

While you’re there, also read his post titled, The Hostile Human Trash of Fort Wayne.  Hold your ground, Mike!  You’ll survive it!


  1. Well thanks… I’m not really worried about them but I just wanted to call them out… And also call out the idea of people not supporting the business of such cliche morons as the Butler family and their little mini-gangsters… not that many of your readers go to strip clubs, but they do now own Zambucas because J. Rongos had to skate town for some reason and sold it in a hurry to JB.

    I have gotten great info from 8 to 10 people in my league about the family and their business from people who know behind the scenes activities in the bar industry down to a guy whose wife car pools with some “baby” Butlers. No one has anything positive to say.

    I expect no one to take my side with this or with anything… I’m just putting it out there for the hell of it, as I’m not a part of any powerful family in Fort Wayne and have mostly only myself to account to…


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