Beach Volleyball in Fort Wayne

I’d like to introduce a blog I recently found that’s all about Beach Volleyball In Fort Wayne – that’s right Fort Wayne.

The above image is from the Beach Volleyball in FW Blog.
Click the above image for the link to the post.

An interesting blog with lots of interesting photos.  Check it out! 

So after your trip through the tropical paradise at Freimann Square, drive out to River City and play Volleyball on the beach!


  1. Thanks! And it really is beach volleyball… In fact it’s better, except there’s no ocean of course. For volleyball purposes it’s better because there’s not as many small rocks and no shells so you don’t tear yourself up or get dirty either. The sand just brushes off unless it’s hot.

    The sand is filtered and bleached. It was created so that rain drains through easily and it doesn’t get too hot. The sand came from the same place as was used for the Atlanta Olympics. And it’s within half a click of downtown underneath the River City Bar & Grill at 406 River Bend Court.


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