One of those days . . .

. . . when I’m glad I carry a camera with me.  I spent the afternoon taking photographs of various subjects in the downtown area.  At one point, while driving by the Grand Wayne Center, I noticed a white car trimmed in green parked where law enforcement usually parks.  The car was labeled as a US Border Patrol car.  By the time I could get around the block and walk to the area, the car was gone.  Never saw one of those in Fort Wayne before – especially at something like the Home Show.

On Fairfield Avenue, I noticed a few Hillary Clinton signs in the windows of the International Market at the Southwest corner of Fairfield and Taylor Avenues.  I snapped a couple of photographs and then headed downtown to take some photos at the Harrison Square project.  While there, I was accosted by a driver asking to see my identification.  Lo and behold, it was Mitch Harper.  He asked if I’d seen the possible new Clinton Headquarters.  He’d heard that it was on Fairfield and had taken photos.  So, I think it’s confirmed – especially with the NO PRESS sign on the front door.  The Clinton sign is autographed by Indiana Senator Evan Bayh.

Hillary Clinton campaign signs on the front door

On Main Street, I spotted Popeye out for an afternoon walk.

Sauntered down to the Barack Obama Campaign Headquarters, which opened this morning.  A very colorful building indeed!

Barack Obama Campaign Headquarters

Since I missed the photo of the US Border Patrol car, and have probably ticked off Popeye, I’ll go for broke.  Here’s a photo I took on January 17, 2008.

The Downtown Arby's Drive-Thru

That’s enough for today!

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