Problem half solved

The Calhoun Street block between Jefferson and Washington Boulevard has been reconstructed in the last six months. The reason I say the problem is half solved is because for the past month or so, confusion has reigned over what to do when proceeding through the intersection into the block in question.  Only within the last couple of days were a string of signs placed to indicate proper lanes.  This is fine, but confusion still happens and it’s not real clear what the flow is to be.

The far Eastbound lane has been removed and plans are to have two lanes in each direction with parking in the lane alongside the Hilton.  However, motorists are unclear as to how to navigate this stretch when Northbound.

The way it is supposed to work:

Cars wishing to go straight through the intersection should stay in the left lane and once through the intersection, make a slight curve into the far eastern lane.  Within the last week, the city moved markers into place that should enable motorists figure this out.

However, more often than not, this is what happens: 

Cars proceed through the intersection, but then enter the lane on the left of the recently installed markers.  Generally this is not an issue because there are enough cars in the area for other motorists to follow.  But I’ve been in that area a couple of times recently and noticed that where one car heads, the rest follow whether it’s the right way or not.  During rush hour, this has been a problem.  A suggestion to the City would be to put a “Keep Right” sign on the first marker to guide cars in the correct lane.  These would be needed on each end of the line of markers, although I will say it should be pretty apparent when turning off Washington onto Calhoun Southbound.

The above is what I have in mind, however.  The above traffic sign is from:

Just my observation and suggestion.

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