Redevelopment Commission Meetings – December 19 and 20, 2007

12/19/2007 Meeting: 

From the News Sentinel: (12/20/2007 – scroll down)

Coliseum ranked
The Memorial Coliseum recently ranked No. 20 in the world among similar-sized venues to earn “Top Spot” honors for 2007 by Venues Today, a concert and event industry-leading publication.

Does the Coliseum include the Wizards attendance in their figures submitted for this? If so, how will this affect their ranking in future years?

Bids opened for concrete at stadium (12/19/2007 meeting)

Schenkel & Sons bid: $4.2 million
Michael Kinder & Sons: $4.8 million
Hagerman Construction: $4 million
Corporate Construction Inc.: $5.9 million (Auburn based)

The first three were local Fort Wayne companies.  Engineer’s estimate: $4.7 million and the bid covered the risers, outfield walls, bowl of the stadium and concourse.

12/20/2007 Meeting

 From Ben Lanka – The Journal Gazette: (12/21/2007)

On Thursday the Redevelopment Commission met and awarded the parking garage contract to W.A. Sheets whose bid was $12.1 million.  A contract for $4.1 million was also awarded to Hagerman Construction for concrete work that will encompass the ballpark and concourse.  The Commission delayed awarding some bids for additional work on the garage including a $389,000 contract to finish the conference center in the garage.  The city has until March to decide whether additional work will be performed.  They did approve an additional $40,000 cost to the stadium concrete contract for foundation work, shade structures, bar area and outfield barbecue area.

From The News Sentinel: (12/21/2007 – scroll down)

Harrison Square Bids Awarded

Deputy Director of Community Development Greg Leatherman said it could have been a challenge to effectively and efficiently construct the condominium and retail building with the baseball stadium because the two “connect intimately” underground. They will share storage space and a fitness center.

Leatherman said the city was prepared to deal with two contractors, but because Hagerman Construction was already awarded the contract for the condominium and retail construction and also had the lowest bid for the stadium component, it makes the process easier.

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