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Wayfinding sign sample

City to save $100,000 on Legacy Wayfinding project

The City of Fort Wayne today announced that bids for the City's wayfinding signs are a $100,000 under the original $300,000 estimate, which will save money on the construction and installation of 54 directional signs throughout Fort Wayne.
City of Fort Wayne seal

Wayfinding project goes out to bid

Mayor Tom Henry today announced that the City of Fort Wayne is accepting bids for the installation of 54 "wayfinding" signs throughout the community.

City to present several Legacy projects for approval

News release from the City of Fort Wayne: City to present several Legacy projects for approval (December 7, 2012) - Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry today...

Wayfinder Posters

Posters have been installed in the new Wayfinder sign at Summit Square.  This is the only kiosk with posters thus far installed. Previous AFW posts: Additional...

Additional Wayfinder Signage Installed

If you've been driving around downtown lately, you'll notice that new wayfinder signage began popping up late last week.  These eye-catching signs can be...

Updated Wayfinders

From the City of Fort Wayne website: New signage directs visitors to downtown, public parking Branded signs part of continued efforts to make downtown Fort Wayne...

New Downtown Parking Signs

Popping up around the downtown area are new parking signs. These signs are currently at the Employee Parking lot at the corner of Clinton...