2020 Primary Election

2020 Elections
2020 Elections logo. Image credit: YAY Media AS / Alamy Stock Vector.

The slate of candidates for the 2020 Primary Election to be held May 5, 2020. The deadline to file was February 7, 2020.

Allen County offices


Allen County Board of Commissioners, District 1

  • Republican incumbent: Nelson Peters


Allen County Coroner


Allen County Council At-Large (3)

  • Democrat: Erin Fogg
  • Democrat: Stephanie Henry
  • Democrat: Marsha L. McCroskey
  • Republican incumbent: Robert A. Armstrong
  • Republican incumbent: Ken Fries
  • Republican incumbent: Kyle Kerley


Allen County Surveyor

  • Republican: David P. Devine
  • Republican incumbent: Jeff Sorg


Allen County Treasurer

  • Republican incumbent: William Royce


Judge of the Allen County Circuit Court, 38th Circuit – (Non-partisan race)

  • Incumbent: Judge Thomas A. Felts, announced January 1, 2020, he will not be seeking re-election
  • Judge Wendy Davis, announced January 10, 2020, has not filed yet


For the following two categories, download the February 7, 2020, Primary Candidate Filings from the Allen County Board of Elections. Various Republican and Democrat State Convention Delegates Various Allen County Republican Precinct Committeeman


State offices up for election this year,
including incumbents and candidates who have filed to participate in the Primary Election:


Indiana Governor

  • Democrat: Woodrow (Woody) Myers
  • Republican incumbent: Eric J. Holcomb
  • Republican: Brian D. Roth


Indiana State Senator, 16th District

  • Democrat: Tim Barr
  • Democrat: Juli Dominguez
  • Republican incumbent: Justin Busch
  • Republican: Tom Rhoadesfiled January 24, 2020


Indiana State Representative, 50th District

  • Democrat: Jorge Fernandez
  • Republican incumbent: Daniel J. (Dan) Leonard
  • Republican: John A. Stoffel


Indiana State Representative, 52nd District

  • Republican incumbent: Ben Smaltz


Indiana State Representative, 79th District

  • Republican incumbent: Matthew S. Lehman


Indiana State Representative, 80th District

  • Democrat incumbent: Phil GiaQuinta


Indiana State Representative, 81st District

  • Democrat: Kyle Miller
  • Republican incumbent: Martin Carbaugh


Indiana State Representative, 82nd District

  • Republican incumbent: David H. Abbott


Indiana State Representative, 83rd District

  • Democrat: Michael Bienz
  • Republican incumbent: Christopher N. Judy


Indiana State Representative, 84th District

  • Repulican incumbent: Bob Morris – filed January 15, 2020


Indiana State Representative, 85th District

  • Democrat: Pablo Hurtado III
  • Republican incumbent: Dave Heine


U.S. offices up for election this year,
including incumbents and candidates who have filed to participate in the Primary Election:


U.S. President

  • Democrat: Joseph R. Biden
  • Democrat: Michael R. Bloomberg
  • Democrat: Pete Buttigieg
  • Democrat: Tulsi Gabbard
  • Democrat: Amy Klobuchar
  • Democrat: Bernie Sanders
  • Democrat: Tom Steyer – filed January 31, 2020
  • Democrat: Elizabeth Ann Warren
  • Democrat: Andrew Yang
  • Republican incumbent: Donald Trump
  • Republican: Bill Weld


United States Representative, 3rd District

  • Democrat: Chip Coldiron
  • Democrat: Jean-Paul (JP) B. Kalonji
  • Democrat: Carlos Marcano Jr.
  • Democrat: Thomas Allan Schrader
  • Republican incumbent: Jim Banks
  • Republican: Christopher (Chris) Magiera

Download a copy of the February 7, 2020, list provided by the Indiana Secretary of State’s Election Division website, which includes Judicial, State, and Federal races.