Parkview Field notes and video

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Today when speaking with Greg Leatherman, Redevelopment Executive Director, he shared with me that in today’s mail, the City received their liquor permit for Parkview Field.  In plenty of time for the first beer of the season!

Brad Shank, Director of Group Sales for the TinCaps, has posted a video on YouTube giving an inside look at one of the luxury suites.  I share the video with you here.



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  1. Again please note: IT IS NOT the city of Fort Wayne that owns this permit – it’s The Fort Wayne Redevelopment Authority, which is NOT a municipality as required by the 219 permit, as applied for by the Authority. And, the remonstrator of record has 15 days after receipt of the certified letter informing him that the commission approved issuance of the permit to file an objection to the action of the ATC. The remonstrator’s wife signed for this letter on March 21,2009, so he has until April 3, 2009 to file an objection. The commission can, after another hearing, allow the use of the permit on a conditional basis until the objection is resolved at which time the commission can cancel the permit or allow it to be active for the one year time period before required renewal application, at which time we can repeat this whole process!

  2. Stephen – Just what do you mean by,”it’s all the city”? If the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Authority “is” the City of Fort Wayne, then the limitation on Indiana State political entities indebtedness in the Indiana State Constitution is being breached and should be brought to the attention of the Indiana State Attorney General. And this will happen, if the administration continues to spew forth this contention.

  3. If you choose to read other things into my statement, or make it into more than was intended, that is certainly your right, John. I’m not going to argue or fight with you. Obviously you have some anger issues that you need to work through with the permit issuance – please do it elsewhere.

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