Report Main Breaks, Clear Storm Drains

News release from Fort Wayne City Utilities:

Report Main Breaks, Clear Storm Drains

(February 1, 2019) – City Utilities water maintenance crews are expecting an increase in the reporting of water main breaks over the next few days. It’s believed that some pipes may have broken during the recent frigid temperatures but will not be visible until it warms up this weekend. Additionally, the quick freeze and thaw cycle we’ll be seeing can cause pipes to break.
Residents should call 311 to report a water main break. If the reporting is after normal business hours there will be nighttime and weekend prompt on the recording, to allow residents to reach the water maintenance department.
With this week’s heavy winds, there is much debris and trash blown throughout the community. As snow and ice start to melt residents are encouraged to check storm drains and clear them, so the runoff doesn’t back up in our neighborhood streets.

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