Crawford formally announces mayoral run

Fort Wayne Indiana Mayoral candidate John Crawford (R)
Fort Wayne Indiana Mayoral candidate John Crawford (R) during his news conference on January 9, 2019.

News release from the Crawford for Mayor Committee:

John Crawford formally announces mayoral run

FORT WAYNE INDIANA (January 9, 2019) – City Councilman At-Large John Crawford officially filed his candidacy this morning to run for Mayor of Fort Wayne in the Republican primary. In a press conference at Allen County Republicans headquarters, Crawford said, “We will have a positive message to tell people the ways we plan to make citizens’ lives better. We will spend our time giving citizens reasons to vote FOR us rather than tear down our opponents.”

He outlined his campaign’s four central planks:

  • Fiscal conservatism – Crawford cited savings of at least $3 million to the city with the end of collective bargaining for six city unions, as well as enactment of the pay-to-play ordinance, which also ensures all contractors are treated fairly. He said as Mayor he will draft the first zero-based budget in over 20 years, and reevaluate all city expenditures and programs for their effectiveness and necessity.
  • Public health – As an oncologist, Crawford said his passion lies in saving lives and improving the community’s health. In addition to thousands of patients treated and cured throughout his medical career, the smoking ordinance he spearheaded has prevented premature death of over 1,000 people over the last 20 years. Crawford said he also is the best-qualified candidate to address the opioid crisis, which claims hundreds of lives and contributes to crime.
  • Crime reduction – With a near record number of homicides (many caused by drug dealing) in 2018, Fort Wayne’s crime problem warrants more police officers and new high-tech surveillance cameras in high-crime areas, Crawford believes. He has organized a special “Fifth Tuesday” City Council meeting at 5:30 p.m. January 29 devoted to a discussion of crime prevention.
  • Economic development – Crawford would focus on job creation, with minimum taxation and regulation in order to create the best environment for private business to thrive. Citing his vote for Parkview Field, leadership on riverfront development and early advocacy for the Electric Works project, Crawford said that although these large projects have primed the pump for ever more private investment, he won’t forget about neighborhood improvements such as sidewalks and alleys.

“Republicans need to stay positive, avoiding negative attacks on each other so we will have the best chance to unify the party after the primary and retake the Mayor’s office,” said Crawford. “If I am fortunate enough to win the Republican primary, I will do everything possible to unite our party so we can win as a team.”

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