Ultra-rare McLaren P1 Hypercar Hits Dream Makers Automotive

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News release from Dream Makers Automotive:

Two million dollar car lands in Fort Wayne
Ultra-rare McLaren P1 Hypercar Hits Dream Makers Automotive

(February 3, 2015) – McLaren, the same automaker to dominate the Formula 1 racing circuit and to create the fastest naturally-aspirated road car ever built, has just delivered its new masterpiece—the P1 hypercar—to Fort Wayne, Indiana at Dream Makers Automotive.

McLaren only produced 375 P1s in total and a mere 110 examples made their way to the United States solidifying this as a truly rare machine. With a starting price at over $1.15 million, Dream Makers traveled to Woking, England (McLaren’s global headquarters) to option and customize their very own P1—model #371 of 375, worth at least two million dollars. “This is the rarest color combination and option package of its kind… You won’t see anything like our McLaren anywhere in the world,” described John Justice, Owner/General Manager of Dream Makers Automotive. Other numbers that describe the P1 are staggering.

  • Twin-turbo 3.8L V8 combined with an electric motor for 903 horsepower and 1100 foot pounds of torque
  • 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds, quarter mile in 9.8 seconds
  • Electronically-limited top speed of 217 mph
  • 7 speed automatic transmission with F1-inspired, steering wheel mounted paddle shifters
  • Hand-assembled by 61 engineers

It’s not every day where such a rare and expertly-crafted dream machine lands so close to home. It is even more rare for that machine to be available to visit and see, but Justice wants everyone in the Fort Wayne area to come and check out this automotive legend. “We invite our community to see it, take photos, and share it on social media. You can tell your friends that you saw a two million dollar car right here in Fort Wayne, Indiana!”

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