Go Red for Women Heart Health Awareness luncheon scheduled for May 10th

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News release from the American Heart Association:

Go Red for Women Heart Health Awareness luncheon scheduled for May 10th

(April 17, 2014) – Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc., an organization of professional nurses and the American Heart Association will once again partner to host a fashion show and luncheon bringing awareness to women’s heart health. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the United States, claiming more lives than all forms of cancer combined. The Go Red For Women movement is currently celebrating 10 years of standing strong and fighting for every woman’s heart.

The theme for this year’s luncheon is Styles from the Heart: Iconic Women. The luncheon will be held on Saturday, May 10, 2014 from 11am – 1:30 PM at Kingston Care Center, 1010 W. Washington Center Road.

“The luncheon is a unique way to bring awareness to heart disease in women,” said Denise Jordan, luncheon coordinator. “Only one in five American women believe that heart disease is her greatest health threat and our event gives us the opportunity to educate women on heart disease and stroke and have some fun while we’re at it.”
This scholarship event also celebrates National Nurses Week which begins on May 6 and ends on May 12, as well as the American Heart Association’s American Stroke Month. During the month long awareness campaign the association wants all Americans to learn two things:

  • Know if you are at risk for stroke.
  • Know the stroke warning signs and what to do in a stroke emergency.

Stroke is the No. 1 preventable cause of disability and the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. Someone in the United States has a stroke every 40 seconds, yet 80 percent of strokes are preventable. African-Americans have nearly twice the risk for a first-ever stroke compared to white Americans.
Together to End Stroke, nationally sponsored by Covidien, a global healthcare product company, teaches the acronym F.A.S.T. to help people to recognize a stroke and what to do if one occurs:

  • F – Face Drooping: Does one side of the face droop or is it numb? Ask the person to smile.
  • A – Arm Weakness: Is one arm weak or numb? Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward?
  • S – Speech Difficulty: Is speech slurred, are they unable to speak, or are they hard to understand? Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence like, “The sky is blue.” Is the sentence repeated correctly?
  • T – Time to call 9-1-1: If the person shows any of these symptoms, even if the symptoms go away, call 9-1-1 and get them to the hospital immediately.

“The No. 1 stroke risk factor is high blood pressure. Nearly 78 million Americans have high blood pressure and many more aren’t even aware that they have it. It’s important to check your blood pressure regularly and talk to your doctor about healthy levels for you and we hope to spread this message at this year’s event,” said Denise Jordan, luncheon coordinator.

The luncheon is sponsored in part by Kingston Care Center. Tours of the newly renovated facility will be offered and a heart healthy lunch will be served. Women of all ages are welcome to attend. Tickets are $15.00 with advance reservations required. Seating is limited; for ticket information contact Denise Jordan at 804-1594 or Phyllis Bragg 750-2074.

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