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Press release from Allen County Treasurer Sue Orth:

Property Tax Research Goes Mobile

(August 26, 2013) – Allen County Treasurer Offers Mobile Tax Research and Payment App.

The Allen County Treasurer’s office is proud to announce the launch of their Mobile Public Access Tax Information (MPATI) app for mobile devices” reported William Royce, Chief Deputy Treasurer for Allen County.

Susan Orth, Allen County Treasurer said “This application is my Chief Deputy’s brainchild. Bill is passionate about bringing the very best service possible to the taxpayers of Allen County and we are very proud of his innovative approach to property tax research and payments.”

MPATI was developed in cooperation with the Allen County GIS team.

“The Allen County Treasurer’s office is the first Treasurer’s office in the state of Indiana to offer a tax research site for mobile devices such as smart phone, tablets and IPads.” Said Royce, “We have added yet another option for taxpayers to view property tax information, and to pay tax bills. Anywhere in the world you can get a phone signal, you can pay your tax bills.”

With MPATI you can:

  1. View basic tax information.
  2. View the assessed value of a property in Allen County.
  3. Check what exemptions are on a property.
  4. Find the property on the County’s Imap.
  5. Download your tax bill or the Assessor’s Property Record Card.
  6. Pay your property taxes by echeck or credit card right on your mobile device. There is a fee when paying by credit card.

You can access the Treasurer’s mobile app by entering into your device’s web browser Devices running Windows can also find the app at the Windows Phone Store.

More information including tips for using the app is available on the Allen County Treasurer’s website at and then click MPATI.

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