Parking lot to close for cleaning

News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Parking lot to close for cleaning

(June 28, 2013) – The parking lot on the north side of Citizens Square, 200 E. Berry St., will close after 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 29 for cleaning.

Approximately one-third of the parking lot’s surface is made of pervious concrete – a kind of concrete that is intended to help water soak into the ground when it rains, thus reducing the amount of runoff and pollution entering the City’s rivers. In order to work effectively, the pervious pavement must be vacuumed periodically. Cleaning the surface with a high-powered vacuum ensures that the spaces between the concrete aggregate remain open so that rain water can percolate through the concrete into a gravel and sand layer below.

The parking lot will close on Saturday afternoon after the outdoor market events have concluded. The parking lot will reopen before 6 a.m. on Monday, July 1.

People visiting downtown on Saturday afternoon, June 29 or Sunday, June 30 will be able to take advantage of free on-street parking or other free lots in the area.

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