New Tech student receives national award

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New Tech student receives national award

Representatives from the Indiana State Library visited the New Tech Academy at Wayne High School Tuesday, to award New Tech $1,000 in honor of New Tech student Paw Soe, who is a National Honor Winner in the 2012 Letters About Literature Contest. Soe received a $100 gift card from Target for taking national honors, and the New Tech Library will receive a $1,000 reading promotion grant from Target as a result of her accomplishment.

Letters About Literature is a national reading-writing contest that asks students to write a personal letter to an author, explaining how his or her work changed their view of the world or themselves. Soe wrote to Cynthia Kadahota, author of “Kira Kira.”

New Tech teacher Ginger Giessler was also honored as the Letters About Literature Instructor of the Year. Over the past two years, Giessler has submitted 136 entries resulting in 16 semifinalists and three award-winning essays.

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