Bonahoom, Op-Ed piece: What ‘No Excuses’ really means

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What ‘No Excuses’ really means

by Zach Bonahoom, Republican Candidate for Fort Wayne City Clerk

I live my life by one simple phrase: “No Excuses.” I began this when I started my first business at the age of 13, and that’s why “No Excuses” is my campaign slogan.

Most people seem to understand what this means. However throughout the campaign, I have had multiple people ask for an explanation. Some were even other candidates for local office. My answer to those other candidates was, “If you do not know what ‘No Excuses’ means, you have no business running for office.”

To others who asked, I simply explained what most already feel: We as taxpayers are tired of excuse making politicians.

“No Excuses” stands for “You can trust me to do my best,” and “I take the responsibility.” “No Excuses” is how we want our co-workers to work. Most of all, “No Excuses” is how we want and need our leaders to lead.

Are we as the second largest City in Indiana setting a good example when we lag behind numerous other cities in technology?

Are we as a City acting responsibly when we hire multiple consultants, costing thousands, but take none of their advice?

Are we doing our best when we employ 5 full time parking control officers to patrol a 12 block downtown in SUV’s?

I think the answer to all of the above is no. In most cases, when we as taxpayers question such inefficiency we are met with excuses from our leaders, both Republican and Democrat, black and white, male and female.

This year, I decided to challenge a 28 year career politician on some of her excuses.

This year, If we elect someone who understands technology, we won’t have to spend extra on outside consulting. There is a much more efficient way to manage the City Clerk’s office, and parking administration. Parking downtown can be inviting to visitors, beneficial to small businesses and most of all, save taxpayer money.

In this years election, there is one race that illustrates a distinct contrast, and it is not the Mayor’s race. The choices for City Clerk this year are easy to understand, and polar opposites.

It’s time to stop settling for “business as usual” in the City Clerk’s office. It’s time to cut the budget, make the office transparent, easily accessible and most of all, 21st Century efficient. I am capable of just that and, if elected, I will do it. No Excuses.

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