Hughes promotes early voting

News release from the Paula Hughes:

Hughes promotes early voting
Stresses Importance of Choosing Party Standard-Bearers

(April 5, 2011) – Former Allen County Council President and leading Republican candidate for Mayor of Fort Wayne Paula Hughes kicked off the first week of early voting by casting her Republican primary ballot at the Allen County Elections Board.

“Early voting gives us the opportunity to cast our ballot at our own leisure, fulfill our civic duty, and choice who is best to represent our party in November,” Paula Hughes said.

While absentee voting by mail began on March 7th, in-person early voting began this Monday. Absentee voting by mail requires that you meet one of eleven different criteria to be eligible to use that option. On the other hand, early voting allows you to cast your ballot during regular business hours at the Elections Board office without a specified reason for voting early.

This primary election cycle has been highlighted by the stark differences between the Republican primary candidates. Paula Hughes has been the only candidate that has promoted using the light lease settlement to reduce Fort Wayne’s growing long-term debt, introduced a new way of crafting the City budget, and unveiled innovative ideas for saving taxpayer dollars.

“I am advocating early voting because the choice in the race for mayor is clear,” Hughes stated. “We need a proven conservative leader who can get Fort Wayne working again and I am the only candidate that has outlined a long-term plan of financial stability for our great community.”


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