Mayor underscores partnership with Hardball, TinCaps is stonger, more successful than ever

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Mayor underscores partnership with Hardball, TinCaps is stonger, more successful than ever
2010 Attendance Figures Top Expectations, Show Positive Downtown Impact

With Barry Real Estate poised to begin construction on The Harrison, realizing the final piece of Harrison Square, Mayor Tom Henry today reemphasized the City of Fort Wayne’s strong partnership with Hardball Capital and the TinCaps. The Mayor’s endorsement was highlighted in the release of 2010 attendance figures for Parkview Field. The numbers both surpassed predictions and yielded increased revenue for the community.

The annual Parkview Field report indicates a total 2010 attendance of 507, 216 visitors for official events. Not included in these numbers are individuals who walk the concourse or simply stop by to enjoy the venue during the day beyond scheduled activities.

Based upon these figures, the TinCaps have delivered a check to the City for $141, 314. These dollars are deposited into the Harrison Square Maintenance and Improvement Fund and are used for the long-term capital upkeep of the facility. The amount is more than 66 percent higher than the annual payment projected from the team at the time the ballpark was in development.

“The TinCaps and Hardball Capital have been wonderful partners with our community,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “It’s been a good news story from the very beginning. Parkview Field is a fabulous venue, and under the fine management of the TinCaps and Hardball, it has drawn even more visitors downtown than the most optimistic projections.”

Throughout the challenging days required to put together The Harrison deal, the frequently misunderstood relationship between Hardball Capital, the TinCaps and Barry Real Estate at times has unintentionally created confusion. Barry Real Estate is the developer of The Harrison. Throughout their association with the City, Hardball and the TinCaps have met or exceeded all of their obligations and continue to outperform expectations.

“The TinCaps’ presence at Parkview Field in downtown Fort Wayne has had an energizing impact on the center of the city,” added Mayor Henry. “In every way – more people, more activity, more private investment, more business development, more jobs, increases in our tourism and hospitality industry, more opportunity and a huge boost to our community spirit and pride – Harrison Square is the success we had envisioned. I believe there is more to come.”

Statistics for the report are calculated using a formula in which Hardball Capital pays the City one dollar per person each year on the number of applicable visitors that exceeds a baseline threshold of 275,000. A total of 416,314 visitors were in the paid count for 2010, with 90,902 visitors defined as outside of that category. Those in the non-paid category are predominantly fans who attended as part of charitable promotions or guests who came for free community events.

Total visitors to Parkview Field in 2009 were 470,037, from its opening date in April. In 2010, its second year of year of operation, Parkview Field noted an increase of slightly more than 37,000 visitors, reflecting the growing popularity of the facility throughout the region.

Envisioned as a catalyst project, Harrison Square has already demonstrated its ability to be a major economic-activity generator for the entire community. In addition to the over half million people coming downtown for TinCaps’ games and events at Parkview Field annually, a recent scorecard of 2010 achievements contains these items: a record year for activities at Headwaters Park, more downtown festivals and events, a flourishing cultural district, businesses investing, restaurants expanding their hours, a new Courtyard by Marriott hotel, and significant growth for the Grand Wayne Center in the number and size of conventions hosted and booked, including signature wins such as the 2012 Indiana Democratic Party convention.

On April 7, the TinCaps kick off another highly anticipated season at the award-winning Parkview Field.

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