$1.6 million dollars of Cocaine found

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Press release from the Indiana State Police:

$1.6 Million Dollars of Cocaine Found

(Porter County, In – October 23, 2010) – Thursday evening, October 21, Indiana State Police Troopers assigned to the Toll Road made a $1.6 million dollar traffic stop.

Preliminary investigation revealed that at approximately 6:45 pm, Trooper Jerry George stopped a 2004 Ford Expedition eastbound on I-90 (Indiana Toll Road), at the 25 mile marker, in Portage for a traffic violation.

During the stop, Trooper George realized that further investigation was needed and Portage Police Department Officer William Smith and his K-9 “Fax” responded to the stop. Fax alerted on the Expedition indicating a suspicion of narcotics.

Trooper Anthony Potesta also arrived and a probable cause search was done on the Ford. Trooper Potesta noticed some discrepancies underneath the Ford in the rear. Potesta noticed aftermarket metal and hinges after pulling up the carpet in the rear of the vehicle; which made the troopers believe this was a door to a hidden compartment.

The Expedition was towed from the road and a search warrant was gotten from the Porter County Courts. The search warrant was served and the compartment was opened. Fourteen brick shaped objects containing a white powdery substance were found. They later field tested positive for the presence of cocaine. There were approximately fourteen (14) kilograms of cocaine with a street value of $1.6 million.


  • Doris M. Reyes, 40 of Chicago, Illinois
  • Carlos Lopez, 20 of Chicago, Illinois


  • Both were charged with Dealing Cocaine over 3 grams this is a Class A Felony.

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