FWCS nearing new status with continued steady enrollment

Press release from the Fort Wayne Community Schools:

FWCS nearing new status with continued steady enrollment

Fort Wayne Community Schools could soon be the largest school district in the state as enrollment holds steady for another year.

The district’s official enrollment, based on the state’s official student count day on Friday, Sept. 17, is 31,568. Schools had two weeks after the count day to clean up data and make sure all students were accounted for and no students were counted more than once.

The 2010-11 enrollment is just one student less than last year when the district’s official enrollment was 31,569. Enrollment remains higher than two years ago, when the official count was 31,400.

“Fort Wayne Community Schools has been remarkably steady in terms of enrollment for years. That is a testament to our strong programs and the confidence parents have in us,” Superintendent Wendy Robinson said.

FWCS remains the second-largest district in the state but is getting closer to earning the title of largest school district. Indianapolis Public School lost nearly 1,000 students this year, for a total enrollment of 32,336. While the title of largest school district in the state comes with no financial reward, FWCS officials hope it will bring more attention to the positive initiatives in the district.

All schools in Indiana are required to count their students on the state’s official count day, which this year fell on Sept. 17. Funding from the state is based on this count.

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