Caucus date set – 6/12/2010 – update

See the update at the bottom of this post…

City Councilman Mitch Harper at Fort Wayne Observed has posted the date has been set for the 3rd District Republican Caucus.

The date is Saturday, June 12, 2010, but the time and location hasn’t been exactly determined.  We can, however, be sure of that date and the city which is Columbia City.  He also adds:

[…] You would think the names of the precinct committeepersons would be public information available through the Election Board. That used to be the case but is not the case now.

Your FWOb editor, Mitch Harper, believes the names should be a public record and available to the public. The change to state law allowing, essentially, for the two respective parties to treat the lists of precinct committeepersons as private for most times of the year, is wrong now and was wrong when it was changed.

Update: Apparently, the situation is still in flux, and the June 12th date may not be completely set in stone. Stay tuned and I’ll update as more information becomes available. Do take the time to read Mitch’s post, however, as it does contain some valid points.

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