Debut of five new Citilink Access buses

Press release from Citilink:

Debut of five new Citilink Access buses

(January 7, 2010) – Congressman Souder and Citilink officials celebrated the arrival of five (5) new Glaval Titan II buses made in Elkhart, Indiana. These new light duty transit vehicles replace almost half of Citilink’s current Access bus fleet. These vehicles were purchased with 80% federal and 20% local funding ($372,640 total cost). While Citilink has received federal stimulus (ARRA) funding to replace other vehicles in the fleet, the federal portion for these five vehicles is from Citilink’s 2008 federal apportionment of Federal Transit Administration funding (5307).

The manufacturer of these vehicles, Glaval Corporation, a division of Forest River, Inc., is located in Elkhart. “The same companies who are suffering from the slump in recreational vehicle sales benefit from this transit vehicle order. We are pleased to help our Northeast Indiana neighbors and improve the safety and efficiency of our fleet”, said Ken Housden, Citilink General Manager. In addition, many component parts are supplied by Indiana companies “over 70% of the materials used for bus conversions are purchased directly from or distributed through Indiana companies”, said Phil Hays, Glaval Bus General Manager.

Citilink Access service supplements the fixed route service by providing curb to curb transport for those who are physically or mentally unable to use the Citilink fixed route system. Citilink Access provides service within the Fort Wayne city limits and within ¾ mile of the New Haven bus route. The cost to ride Access is $2.50 for each one-way trip. Citilink provides fixed route and Access service Monday through Friday from 5:45am to 9:30pm and on Saturday from 7:45am to 6:15pm.

Citilink Access provided 54,000 one way passenger trips in 2008. This affordable, accessible transportation allows people with disabilities the independence to be productive members of our community. Mobility that provides access to jobs, healthcare, community services, social events, etc. is essential to a quality of life that is valued by the individuals served by Citilink Access and our community as a whole.

For more information on Access eligibility requirements or other Citilink service information call 432-4546 or visit the website at

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