The other white meat

October – did you know it’s not just a month of beer fests, or budget approvals, but also Pork Month?

From the Indiana State Department of Agriculture:

October is National Pork Month!

Whether you are planning a tailgate to support our Colts or meals with your family to enjoy some time together, include Indiana’s high-quality pork products on the menu for great taste and quick cooking! You’ll enjoy a safe and nutritious meal with your family– with many cuts of pork as lean as chicken!

You’ll also be supporting our pork producers and their families. Looking for new meal ideas? You’ll find delicious pork recipes daily throughout October on the ISDA Web site or ISDA’s Facebook page. Find us under “Indiana Agriculture.”

Bon appetite!

Those Ham and Cheese Muffins sure look appetizing – this blogger wouldn’t turn down a gift of them from a reader – hint, hint! HA!

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