Joseph Montagano’s contribution to son, Mike

The Federal Election Commission has dismissed a complaint by the National Republican Congressional Committee that Mike’s dad contributed over the legal limits.

From the Federal Election Commission:

MUR 6104


Montagano for Congress, Inc. and Joseph A. Montagano, in his official capacity as treasurer; Michael Montagano; Joseph A. Montagano


National Republican Congressional Committee


The complaint alleged that the Montagano Committee and Joseph Montagano, as treasurer, violated the Act by accepting and failing to report excessive contributions from Joseph Montagano, also the candidate’s father. The complaint contended that the excessive contributions were in the form of house, property and automobile purchases, as well as payments for property taxes and living expenses. Michael Montagano was a candidate in Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District.


The Commission dismissed the case using its prosecutorial discretion in light of the modest level of the possible violation. Letters of caution were sent to the respondents, advising them to take steps to ensure their conduct is in compliance with the Act and Commission regulations.

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