Update? Where’s the update?

From WANE-15:

Harrison Square Update
By Chris Hopper

[…] “They’re not giving up and they’re not going to give up, that’s what they told us, we believe them and I think the community can count on that happening,” said Director of Redevelopment Greg Leatherman.

[…] “I’ve never heard anyone come out and say they have half their funding, I dont know quite how to interpret that, but it’s good news and let’s hope the rest of the money is right around the corner,” said Fort Wayne City Council President Tom Smith.

[…] “We’re happy they have a lead bank, that’s the important part, they have a lead bank contingent on some of the other banks stepping in and helping out,” said Leatherman.

[…] “Sometimes if the project is just not going you have to let go of it and come back later and focus more on retail in that spot,” said Smith.

[…] The condo project has already been downsized once. And last week there was another media report that it would be downsized again.

“There has been no change to the condos, the last publicly authorized statement relative to the size was three levels, two levels of living, one level of retail,” said Leatherman.

The retail portion is still in the works. A fitness center has been announced, but there’s still talk of a high end restaurant and a downtown grocery store.

[Blogmaster’s note: grocery store? There’s never been talk of a grocery store downtown in relation to the Harrison Square project. A drug store such as CVS that would carry some groceries, but never a grocery store.]

“Close to half of the people who are going to come to that game are going to under the age of 12, they’re going to need places to go,” said Smith.

Regardless, Parkview Field will open in three weeks and these questions will still be hanging overhead.

Frankly, I don’t think there is any update or news here.  WANE-15 missed the scoop so now they’re trying to drum up a story.  There is nothing new in the above story, except for Greg Leatherman’s statement regarding the possible downsizing of the project.


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