Law Enforcement Fire Fighter Memorial in final phase

The Board of the Law Enforcement Fire Fighter Memorial held an announcement earlier today at Affordable Granite & Stone on Fairfield Avenue.  The purpose of the announcement was to announce that the funds required to finish the memorial have been graciously contributed by The Robert Goldstine Foundation.  The slabs of granite have been delivered and are awaiting engraving.

Final Phase Recognition

  1. The Robert Goldstine Foundation – $10,000 
  2. Peter and Alice Eshelman – $5,000 
  3. Stuart and Steven Cox – Owners of Affordable Granite and Stone Co., 1501 S. Fairfield Avenue
  4. Mike Avila – Vice President Northeastern Indiana Building Trades Council
  5. Ken Reiter – State Apprentice Instructor for the International Union of Bricklayers
  6. Dan Decker – Artist who will be engraving the Angel on the front of the main monument.  Normal cost would be $6,500, but Dan cut his price in half
  7. John McComb – D.O. McComb & Sons picked up the remaining $3,250 cost for the Angel’s engraving.



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Visit the official Law Enforcement Fire Fighter Memorial of Allen County webpage


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