New Commercial Facade Grant Program Offered

In the video above, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry announces the City’s new Commercial Facade Grant Program. 

This next video features Julie Sanchez,  Redevelopment Specialist and Facade Grand Administrator with the City of Fort Wayne, who also speaks about the CFG program.  The applications will be available (on-line or at the City-County Building) November 14, 2008 and interested businesses will have until December 19, 2008 to turn them in.

The above videos were filmed at Catablu earlier today at a press conference to unveil the new Broadway Corridor Project.  I apologize for the quality of the picture, the room was very dark.  Sound quality is great!

City of Fort Wayne Press Release:

Mayor Unveils Commercial Facade Grant Program
Assistance Available to Commercial Property Owners in Corridors Throughout the Community

Mayor Tom Henry today shared details Oct. 9 of the City’s planned Commercial Facade Grant program with members of the business community along the Broadway corridor. 

“When I was running for mayor, I talked about my desire to “strengthen the heart” of our community,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “I wanted to make opportunities available to property owners in designated corridors that would help make every corner of our community commercially attractive for investment and commerce.” The Mayor explained the new program will make funds available to offset the costs of facades, signage, lighting, awnings, parking improvements, decorative fencing, and other enhancements owners may wish to make to their property. 

The average matching amount of the grant is expected to be about $20,000, but larger projects may qualify for more assistance, the mayor said. Administered through the Redevelopment Department, the grant applications will be available November 14, 2008, both in the City-County Building and online. Property and business owners who meet certain criteria will be able to apply from November 14 to December 19, 2008 so funds will likely help them with spring construction projects. Projects must be located in City Council-designated economic development target areas (EDTAs), several of which exist throughout the community.  An EDTA area map is available at the city’s website.   

“The ideal grant program of this type finds the intersection of what the business community, the neighborhoods and the City all deem important,” said Mayor Henry. “We’ve identified areas where we want to support redevelopment, and where neighborhoods have told us they’d like to see more done to support businesses. In an area such as where we are today, along the Broadway corridor, business owners have come together to work as a team, identifying a vision they have for this area, and we are proud to offer support and assistance to help make the vision a reality for all involved.” 

Mayor Henry thanked attorney and property owner Steve Shine for his long-term commitment to the Broadway corridor and his personal investment into the area surrounding his office building. “With committed individuals like Steve Shine, who put their effort and investment into creating a stronger residential and commercial neighborhood, an entire area can be turned around and enhanced,” said the Mayor.  “We’re pleased that the City can play a role, too.” 

Applications will be available from the Redevelopment offices and online in the next few weeks. Businesses with questions or wanting more information may call Julie Sanchez at 427-2147.

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