Bike Lanes to nowhere…

If you haven’t been out to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in the last four months, you’ve not seen the recently completed new bridge just South of the Franke Park Drive and Sherman Boulevard intersection.  Asphalt pavement has now been laid and lane markings painted.  On both sides of the street through this area are highly visible bike lanes.  One problem, the lanes do not extend beyond the recently renovated area.  In fact, on one of the sides, the bike lane ends in the gravel berm, with no where to go. 

This project was completed by the County and while I truly believe bike lanes are a good thing, I just can’t see the logic here.  Perhaps bike lanes are a new feature of any new construction projects the county completes.  But the question to ask: is a more dangerous situation created by having these lanes, even for a short distance?  Encouraging people to traverse this area’s narrow, high volume traffic roads on a bicycle is asking for trouble.

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