Updated Wayfinders

From the City of Fort Wayne website:

New signage directs visitors to downtown, public parking

Branded signs part of continued efforts to make downtown Fort Wayne friendly, accessible

The City of Fort Wayne is continuing to make downtown friendlier for drivers with the addition of architectural signage for public parking garages and directional signs from key entry points to Fort Wayne.Signs have been installed at the City’s parking garages and lots that offer public parking. They are designed to be distinctive yet readable to drivers who are not familiar with which parking lots and garages are available for public use.

The downtown directional signs have been installed near the airport and exits from interstates 69 and 469. Additional trailblazer signs have been installed at key intersections to help drivers find their way downtown.

The new signs supplement branded signage installed downtown in 2006 to help drivers find attractions and parking. That project was the first phase of the City’s efforts to make downtown friendly to visitors. Both strategies are from the Downtown Blueprint plan.

“Downtown Fort Wayne needs to be as easy to navigate as possible,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “The new signs help visitors find downtown from the highway or airport, and once they are here, help them find a place to park. Downtown Fort Wayne must be a destination for our city, which is exactly why we are making large investments like Harrison Square and smaller investments like additional signage and improved sidewalks and streetscapes.”

The public parking signs have been installed at the Plaza and Civic Center parking garages, and the Freimann Square, Barr Street and Headwaters parking lots.

City officials are working with owners of privately owned parking lots and garages to encourage them to purchase and install the signs.

The City has also added directional signs for Science Central and Historic Fort Wayne. These attractions are often of interest to downtown visitors.

The downtown capital improvement bond is funding the directional and the City’s parking signs. Design Collaborative designed the signs; Burkhart SIGNSYSTEMS built and installed the signs.

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