The Harrison, Updated Site Plan and New Webcam

The new name given to the Retail/Condominium building to be built along Jefferson Boulevard.  I’ve added three pages with information:

Martin Goldstine Knapke began taking deposits for the units Friday morning.  No word yet on exactly how many units have been spoken for, although it was reported on WANE-15 that several people have deposited money with the company.  If you are interested, they now have an email package that includes the paperwork for the deposit which they will promptly e-mail to you.  You may call them at (260) 467-1400.

Updated Site Plans


CB Richard Ellis has posted a newly updated site plan to their website.  The full-color illustration is dated August 2, 2007 and has the water feature just recently mentioned.  There is also more of a schematic drawing-type of the site plan and this features what would look like a baseball from above.

New Webcam

I’ll let the webcam photos speak for itself!  This is a company also used by Fort Wayne’s Tippmann Group.

Related Images:

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