84th Indiana House District candidates, presenter and moderator.  From Left to right: Bill Brown, Derek Pillie, organizer and sponsor Mitch Harper, Jon Olinger, Bob Moriss and moderator Daniel Woodruff.

On July 26, 2010, a Candidate's Forum was held at the St. Joseph Township Hall in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the 84th Indiana House District Republican Party nominees.  A caucus will be held Saturday, July 31, 2010 to decide the Republican Party's replacement for Randy Borror who recently resigned the position.


  • Allen County Commissioner Bill Brown
  • Former Fort Wayne Community Schools Board member Jon Olinger
  • 3rd Congressional District Director Derek Pillie
  • Local business owner Bob Morris

Organizer, sponsor


  • WFFT-TV Fox Reporter Daniel Woodruff

Information about the forum's agenda may be found here.

Mitch Harper and Daniel Woodruff, opening comments



Jon Olinger's opening statement



Bob Morris opening statement



Derek Pillie's opening statement



Bill Brown's opening statement



Propositions which the candidates could either take the pro or con position.

RESOLVED: That the Indiana legislature should create a redistricting commission in 2011 to draw state legislative boundaries which would follow these five guidelines:


  1. Consider no partisan political data
  2. Keep communities of interest together
  3. Create more compact and geographically uniform districts
  4. Maintain population balance
  5. 'Nest' 2 state representative districts within state senate district




RESOLVED: That the legislature should approve Kernan Shepherd recommendations in 2011 - some of which were defeated in the 2010 session - including eliminating the office of township trustee; making the offices of county recorder, surveyor, sheriff and treasurer appointed positions, consolidating small school corporations, and making the office of the city clerk in 2nd class cities a post appointed by the City Council.




RESOLVED: The legislature should approve legislation that would move an existing casino license from northwest Indiana to northeast Indiana.



Note - This fourth item was stated as a question - not a proposition.

BACKGROUND: In 2009, the Indiana legislature passed an Unemployment Insurance premium increase.  In the House of Representatives, no House Republican voted for the measure as the Republican caucus considered it a tax increase.  The Senate Republican majority voted for it and did not characterize it as a tax increase.  This year, the legislature did not increase the Unemployment Insurance premium.

QUESTION: Are you in favor of the legislature NOT passing an Unemployment premium increase in 2011 in hopes of a federal bail-out or do you believe a premium increase should be passed this year?  If you are in favor of delaying in hops of federal monies can you reconcile a position in favor of such a bail-out with your position on other federal bail-outs by the Obama administration?




Bob Morris questions Jon Olinger



Jon Olinger questions Bob Morris



Derek Pillie questions Bill Brown



Bill Brown questions Derek Pillie



Closing statements


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