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Candidate Interviews


Welcome! If you have found this page, it is because you have been offered an interview with AroundFortWayne to talk about your campaign for public office. We would like to share the following guidelines/information with you.

But first, a little background. AroundFortWayne.com has been around since 2004. The blog portion of the website started in 2007 with the downtown Harrison Square project. The approach AFW takes is to present information in a "straight from the source" manner. News releases are shared without spin, editing or even editorial comment. Interviews are broadcast in their entirety using YouTube. Again, they are not edited, commented on or altered in any manner - unless there is an agreed upon change between the candidate and AFW. 

The following guidelines should be kept in mind:

  1. These will be video interviews. Although an audio download of the interview will probably be made available for download, we do not offer audio-only interviews.
  2. One of the first questions you will be asked is to talk about your background. You may feel free to share whatever you would like about yourself. What you share is entirely up to you and your comfort level. It is suggested you keep this segment to around 3 minutes.
  3. You will be asked "open-ended" questions. Those watching the videos do not want to hear the AFW interviewer talking - they want to hear from you and your views.
  4. During these interviews, you will not be challenged - in other words, it is again your opportunity to present your viewpoint, belief, stance on an issue in its entirety without being challenged, interrupted or talked over.
  5. As to what to wear, chances are, you will be visible only from your shirt up. Please do not wear any patterned shirts. Solids are best. Also, avoid shirts with logos or prints.
  6. All candidates will be asked the same basic questions. However, depending on answers, the interview might stray into follow up questions or an opportunity to talk more about a topic.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask!



AFW Stats

2 0 1 0 Wrap-up


This graph shows the annual page views for the website since its inception back in 2004.


This graph shows total annual visits for the website since its inception back in 2004.


Total overall visits in the 2010 calendar year.


Advertisers for the 2010 calendar year included: A Conley Christmas album, An Acoustic Evening with Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt, Aunt Millie's, G.I. Joe's Army Surplus Store, The Great Panes Glass Co., Historic West Main Street Farmer's Market, Holley Management, Hyde Bros. Book Store, Our Space Fort Wayne, The TinCaps and The Wood Shack.  Of those ads that were enabled to 'click-thru' to the advertiser's website, a total of 3,866 click-thru's were registered for an average of 430 per ad.

Political candidates that advertised on the site during the 2010 calendar year included: Mike Avila, Mike Conley, Wendy Davis, Lewis Griffin, Tom Hayhurst, Kevin Howell, Paul Hughes, Maye Johnson, John McGauley, Jack Morris and Tom Wyss.  Of those ads that were enabled to 'click-thru' to the advertiser's website, a total of 1,969 click-thru's were registered for an average of 164 per ad.


Alexa logo

At the end of 2010, the AroundFortWayne.com website had the following Alexa traffic rankings:


  • World Wide - 1,013,021
  • in the USA - 115,841

Since the start of 2011, AFW is now within the top 640,000 world wide and 52,000 in the USA.  Traffic for the month of January, thus far is up 35% and will only continue to climb with the upcoming City-wide election coverage this year.


Return to the AFW Advertising page.


Advertising on the AroundFortWayne website


How can I help support what you do? This is one of the questions I am frequently asked, usually right before or after the, "How do you make a living?" question.  For the record, yes I do have a regular job, although the goal is to cut back hours spent there and put them into this website.


Anyway, if you truly want to help, let those advertisers on the right side of the webpages know you saw their ad here. 


All-in-all, I've tried to keep the advertising as unobtrusive as possible.


Check out some stats and information regarding the AFW 2012 Calendar Year Stats.


Would you like to advertise on this website? You may have noticed the ads on the right side of the AFW webpages.  These are from local businesses and yes, sometimes even political campaigns.  Advertisements will be accepted from local businesses, local meaning inside Fort Wayne or Allen County.  Advertisements from outside the immediate Fort Wayne area will also be considered, however, the right to refuse such advertisements is reserved. Rates are low considering the audience reached. Daily visitors to the AFW website range from 1,000 to 1,500 with a monthly average of 750,000+ page views.  If you are interested in purchasing an ad, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the latest rate sheet.



I welcome the opportunity to work with candidates who are running for public office in our area.

Some points to consider

  1. If you provide a news release, it will be provided in its entirety on the blog.  Nothing will be edited, removed or "spun".
  2. The news release will not be commented on in the original posting.  Please be aware that the public may submit comments, however, comments on the blog are only accepted with a full name given, or at the least, some identifying piece of information the blogmaster can associate with the person submitting the comment.
  3. AFW welcomes the opportunity to attend media conferences for candidates.  We also welcome the opportunity to interview a candidate.  Please contact us at the email address below.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is the email address to use for this category.  You may add this to your candidate's media update list.


News releases, Calendar events

I welcome the opportunity to include your news releases or events on the blog.

Submission guidelines:

  1. JPGs or other images used as flyers for your event, must be accompanied with text.  I will not post flyers only. Part of the value for this blog in posting your events, is that search engines will pick up the text and draw traffic into this website.  Search engines do not read the text on images.  In addition, I will not take the time to re-type text.
  2. PDFs are welcome, however, make sure the text is copy-worthy and is not simply a scan.  Again, I will not take the time to re-type the text for your event.
  3. Events should be submitted as early as possible.  This allows the text you provide to become embedded into search engines, enhancing your chances of search engines finding and leading people to information about your event.  It is never too early to post information about an event.
  4. If it is close to your event and you would like a reminder posted on the blog, please send me a quick note.  I will be happy to re-post the details and provide any updates you might have.
  5. Depending on scheduling and scope of your event, I may be open to attending and providing coverage of your event on the blog.  If this is something you might interested in exploring, let me know.  If this is an paid admission event and you want AFW coverage, admission would need to be provided.
  6. Events submitted within 48 hours of their scheduled time will be posted as my schedule allows.
  7. AFW reserves the right to refuse inclusion of submitted news releases or calendar events for any reason.
  8. Keep in mind that the more work I need to do to include your event, the less likely it is to be included.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is the email address to use for this category.  You may add this to your organization's media update list.


Reprinting of images

Thank you for your interest.

If you are inquiring about permission to use photos you find on this blog, please consider the following:

  1. All rights are reserved by me for photos and other self-created materials on this website.  By sharing these items with you, there is no license or use granted beyond that of viewing the images on this blog.  Any other use, including downloading to your storage devices, is strictly prohibited without prior permission from me.
  2. I have a lot of time and expense invested in these images.  As of October, 2009, I will no longer be granting use of my images for free.  If you wish to purchase images for your use, please contact me for a quote.  Make sure you include the scope of the project, if the project is a print or internet project and what you are looking for.

I engage in this pursuit because I find it personally fulfilling.  It is also a means of sharing with the community that which is going on and may otherwise go unnoticed and undocumented. I believe I have a right to be compensated for the value of the work I perform.  No exceptions to this policy will be made.

You may contact me at this This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Website Submission

Website submissions are welcomed for inclusion in the weblinks directory.  The webmaster reserves the right to accept or reject such submissions.  Only links with ties to Fort Wayne or in the City proper will be considered.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

  • URL (begins with http://)
  • Title of the website
  • One sentence description
  • Suggested category

All submissions will be considered and you may or may not receive a response considering action taken.



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